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Having this in mind, we decided to facilitate booking procedure:
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The most beautiful and recognisable Greek island. Multicoloured cliffs, jaw dropping sunsets, dazzling panoramas and volcanic-sand beaches are attractions of the island that is in the top 10 of tourist destinations around the world every year.

Yacht Options

Cruise Options

Day Cruise: return the same evening
One-night Short Cruise: spend the night on yacht and return next morning to Chania
One-night Long Cruise: spend the night on yacht, have your swim next morning, eat lunch and return next evening to Chania.

Offered Services

1-3 Person Crew
Free WiFi
Fishing Gear
Snorkeling Gear

Extra Services

Diving with a trainer
Water Ski
Jet Ski
Flying Board
Underwater photography
Tubes and Water Toys

Cruise Map

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