A beautiful small island for relaxation, swimming and diving.

Agioi Theodoroi, or Thodorou island, as locals call it, is the closest destination to the Old Venetian Port of Chania. After passing right next to the lighthouse – landmark of the port and having enjoyed a full view of the city of Chania, we will need only 10 minutes to reach this beautiful island Theodorou Island is a Natura- protected area, due to the variety and rarity of plants and animals and a really unique place for its Historical remains.

On the southern part of the island and just above a huge cave, one can see the ruins of a Venetian castle built in 1537. A perfect place for photographs.

On the northern side of Thodorou island, lays Glaronisi, an even tinier island. This is the wildest part, called «black wall» and where one can encounter the famous wild goats of Crete, the «kri kri».

Close to this point is an amazing place for swimming: crystal waters, starfish and shells call also for a unique snorkeling experience. While exploring the seabed try and find the wreck of the German aircraft «Junker 52» of the World War II, which rests underneath.

Cruise options:
Daily cruise: morning till evening
Half day cruise: We offer two cruises per day with a 4 hour duration: Sun Cruise and Sunset Cruise.

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1-3 Person Crew
Free Internet WiFi


  • Fishing
  • Diving together with a trainer and if requested and a professional underwater photographer
  • Water Ski
  • Jet Ski
  • Flying Board

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