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Balos - Gramvousa Island

Visit the most popular destination of Crete in private, enjoy the famous lagoon from parts not accessible by crowds.Balos beach is the main destination of this cruise. Balos is one of the most unique beaches in Greece and in the world, as well. It is a protected natural area, a tropical lagoon with white and pink sand with seashells!

The blue shallow waters are crystal clear and warm, making your swim a heavenly experience.

Gramvousa island: Close to Balos, this small uninhabited island, which used to be a hide-out for pirates, offers a beautiful beach and snorkeling area, together with a chance for a visit to the remnants of a Venetian located at the top of the island.

Yacht Options

Baby Face Babyface

10 6

Lady Roula Lady Roula

10 4

Axopar 37 Axopar

7 2

Nino Rib Nino


Included Services

1-3 Person Crew
Free WiFi
Snorkeling Gear

Extra Services

Diving with a trainer
Water Ski
Jet Ski
Flying Board
Underwater photography
Tubes and Water Toys

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