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Special Proposal for 2 persons: Southwestern Crete – 2 days/ 2 nights’ cruise with Axopar

Indulge yourselves with the most spectacular private cruise, specially designed for 2 persons!

Traveling with your better half or your best friend? Wishing to visit as many Cretan beaches as you can, on both the northern and the southern part? Longing for a private cruise to secluded places and hidden villages known only to locals, but also to the most famous beaches? This 2-days’ cruise is for you!

If your Cretan vacation plan involves more than 5 days, why not starting your vacation or finishing it by spending 2 days on yacht? We can welcome you on the island, take care of your luggage and host your first 2 days. Or, you can leave your last 2 days and 2 nights of vacation to be spent on yacht with us, so that you can explore all places you wouldn’t be easily able to, but without any compromise in luxury.

A really amazing cruise which lets you explore Crete known only to locals and visit places that can only be reached by sea. Tropical beaches, turquoise waters, local food and unique sceneries all wet by the Libyan Sea right opposite to Africa.

We depart from Chania (Northern part) and we stop to 7-8 beaches perimetrical from Crete, heading West . Our first stop is famous Balos lagoon. Then we are heading South, towards Elafonissi, the famous pink sand beach, which lies next to magnificent Kedrodassos. The first night will be spent in Paleochora, which is the first port of the South and a place which also offers restaurants and cafés. On day 2 we will start the cruise to the Southern beaches and coves, visiting places such as Agia Roumeli, among others, which is the end of the epic Samaria Gorge, Agios Pavlos, Marmara, Glyka Nera and Loutro, the village where cars don’t exist, cause it can only be reached by sea!

The second night will be spent at Loutro and next morning at 9 am a VIP car transfer will be waiting for you to drive you back to your hotel or villa, in Chania or Rethymno area.

Axopar is the perfect motor yacht for this two-persons cruise: new, modern, luxurious, but also quick and flexible, it has separate crew cabin and it can offer to you the luxuries of a big yacht, while being able to reach shores and shallow waters that big yachts cannot.

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