Special Proposal

Indulge yourselves with a cruise to the most magical beaches of Crete, where you will discover hidden places known only to locals and you will really enjoy unforgettable vacations.


Day 1: Chania – Balos – Gramvousa
Day 2: Gramvousa – Krios – Elafonisi – Paleochora
Day 3: Paleochora – Tripiti – Kalotrividis – Samaria Gorge – Loutro
Day 4: Loutro – Marmara – Glika Nera – Loutro
Day 5: Loutro – Gavdos island
Day 6: Gavdos island tour
Day 7: Gavdos island – Chania


Balos: famous lagoon, shallow waters, white and pink sand
Gramvousa: old fortress ,shipwreck, beautiful beach
Krios: crystal clear waters, visible ancient tombs underwater
Elafonisi : the world-famous pink sand beach
Paleochora: huge white sand beach, port and small city
Tripiti: isolated beach, non-accessible by land
Kalotrividis: cape, next to Agia Roumeli
Samaria Gorge: epic hike, pristine forest, dense with cypress and pine trees
Loutro: fishing village accessible only by sea, beach, isolation, traditional fresh food and local wine, swimming and dancing, while you mingle with the locals
Agios Pavlos: isolated small bays for maximum relaxation
Marmara: beautiful beach with pebbles, cliffs resembling marble
Glika Nera: nudist or not, breathtaking beach
Gavdos island: the most southern island of Europe, tropical beaches, simply a magical place,away from this world, right in the middle of Libyan Sea

Yacht Options

Baby Face Babyface

10 6

Lady Roula Lady Roula

10 4

Axopar 37 Axopar

7 2

Included Services

1-3 Person Crew
Free WiFi
Snorkeling Gear

Extra Services

Diving with a trainer
Water Ski
Jet Ski
Flying Board
Underwater photography
Tubes and Water Toys

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