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Balos - Monemvasia - Elafonisos - Kithira

This cruise gives you the chance of exploring the island of Kithira, the beautiful beaches and the medieval inhabited fortress of Southern Peloponnese, which many have heard of, but few have the chance of visiting, altogether in one cruise.


Day 1: Chania – Monemvasia
Day 2: Monemvasia – Elafonisos
Day 3: Elafonisos – Kithira
Day 4: Kithira – Chania


Balos: our first stop for a swim in one of the world’s most famous lagoons.
Monemvasia: the famous inhabited castle-rock with the breath-taking view and sunset, a battlefield for pirates in medieval times.
A magical place:stroll, eat perfect food and even have a drink, always in the castle.
Gerakas: Hidden port, a sea-canal penetrating the land, this village used to be a base for pirates, now offers beautiful view and fresh fish and seafood .
Elafonisos: A small picturesque village offering one of the most famous beaches in the world: Simos. Crystal clear turquoise waters and kilometers of white sand.
Kithira: beautiful, green, mountainous island, with lots of bays for swimming and beautiful towns to stroll, eat and drink.

Yacht Options

Baby Face Babyface

10 6

Lady Roula Lady Roula

10 4

Axopar 37 Axopar

7 2

Included Services

1-3 Person Crew
Free WiFi
Snorkeling Gear

Extra Services

Diving with a trainer
Water Ski
Jet Ski
Flying Board
Underwater photography
Tubes and Water Toys

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