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Monemvasia - Gerakas - Elafonisos (optional)

A cruise reaching the southern part of Peloponnese mainland offering a chance to visit an inhabited castle and unique beaches.

Monemvasia: The famous inhabited castle-rock with the breath-taking view and sunset, a battlefield for pirates in medieval times.

A magical place:stroll, eat perfect food and even have a drink, always in the castle.
Gerakas: Hidden port, a sea-canal penetrating the land, this village used to be a base for pirates, now offers beautiful view and fresh fish and seafood.

Elafonissos: (only at one-night short and one-night long cruises)
A small picturesque village offering one of the most famous beaches in the world: Simos. Crystal clear turquoise waters and kilometers of white sand.

Yacht Options

Baby Face Babyface

10 6

Lady Roula Lady Roula

10 4

Axopar 37 Axopar

7 2

Cruise Options

Day Cruise: return to Chania port the same evening
One-night Short Cruise: spend the night on yacht and return next morning to Chania
One-night Long Cruise: spend the night on yacht, have your swim next morning, eat lunch and return next evening to Chania.

Included Services

1-3 Person Crew
Free WiFi
Snorkeling Gear

Extra Services

Diving with a trainer
Water Ski
Jet Ski
Flying Board
Underwater photography
Tubes and Water Toys

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