Special Proposal

See the daily and multi day cruises we’ve designed for you. Each one is unique, just like the places that we will visit together.
We will be happy to inform you about our prices and answer any questions you may have.

Single day cruises

Balos Cruise

Balos - Gramvousa Island





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Menies Cruise

Menies - Chironisia - Thodorou Island





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Agioi Theodoroi Island Cruise

Thodorou Island





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Southwestern Crete Cruise

Balos - Loutro - Samaria Gorge - Sfakia





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Milos Cruise






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Santorini Cruise





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Monemvasia Cruise

Monemvasia - Gerakas - Elafonisos (optional)





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Cruise builder

Build your private cruise





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Multi day cruises

Southwestern Crete 4 Days Cruise

Balos - Paleochora - Loutro - Samaria Gorge




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Southern Peloponnese 4 Days Cruise

Balos - Monemvasia - Elafonisos - Kithira




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Cyclades Islands 4 Days Cruise

Milos – Kimolos - Sifnos




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Southwestern Crete 7 Days Cruise




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